Buyer Consulting

If you are looking for a property for sale in Tenerife, you have come to the right place. As we are not a real estate agency, we do not work for the seller - quite the contrary. The only things we are interested in is helping the buyer, so if you are on the lookout for a nice property for sale in Tenerife, do get in touch. We are ready to help and guide you all the way through the process of becoming a Tenerife home owner.

Our concept is clear:

 - We are 100% on the buyer's side.
 - We are not real estate agents and therefore have nothing to sell.
 - We help the buyer throughout the process, from idea to either a completing a purchase and relocation or, to a decision not to buy.
 - We live in Tenerife and know the island, we have a large network and know about most properties for sale in Tenerife.

Typical Procedure:

 - The buyer contacts us, either in writing or by telephone.
 - We send a questionnaire, which the buyer completes and returns to us.
 - When we know the buyer´s wishes and requirements, we agree on the further course of action, including schedule and finances.
 - We start looking for a great property for sale in Tenerife, which will satisfy the buyer’s requirements.
 - We find a number of properties in selected area(s) - across real estate agents - and submit material.
 - We'll ascertain whether the buyers wishes and needs can be met, also in terms of economics.
 - When and if the buyer wishes to, we will ensure that the buyer gets a proper and good deal.
 - When and if we manage to locate a suitable property, we will help the buyer complete the purchase including contract,
   deeds, NIE-number, insurance, etc.
 - If the buyer wishes, we will help with practical matters, e.g. purchase of furniture, help to find tradesmen if changes to
   the property are needed etc.

In summary, we do our utmost to ensure that a buyer will be aware of all relevant aspects before deciding on and pursuing the purchase of a property in Tenerife so that the buyer avoids buying the wrong home or buying in the wrong area.
However, we note that we are neither financial nor legal advisers.

                                                                                     WE PROVIDE SAFETY

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