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The weather is wonderful, which is why the largest of the Canary Islands has gained reputation as one of the best year-round holiday destinations. The sun shines several days a year more than many other places in the world
Tenerife is probably the only place within easy reach of the European and the Nordic countries, that offers a perfect climate - ALL YEAR ROUND.
In the winter, when most people really want to get away from the cold and snow, the temperature rarely dips below 20 degrees celsius.
And it is important to note that the summer is really nice as well. In the warmest months, temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees celsius, which in combination with the low humidity and mild winds, is very comfortable. This differs from numerous places in southern Europe where temperatures easily reach a humid 40 degrees.

Due to of the high mountains in the middle of the island there is a significant difference between the southern and northern parts of Tenerife. In the southern part of the island, the climate is more dry and sunny, so most tourists travel to this part of the island. However, the north of Tenerife is also pleasant, and it is more lush, resulting in a wonderful natural flora and fauna, but therefore also brings a little more clous and rain.
And on top of it all is the "El Teide", Spain's highest mountain (3,718 metres above sea level), which often exhibits snow all the way up during the winter.

Average daytime temperatures and night temperatures in Tenerife:


Tenerife is much more than just good weather. There are so many possibilities here on the island, ranging from total relaxation to a wealth of activities. There are 7 great golf courses, diving opportunities, deep sea fishing, whale watching, water sports, paragliding, tennis, cycling, magnificent walks in a unique nature, shopping’ yes you can go on. And of course a wealth of wonderful restaurants.

In Tenerife, the main business is tourism. And it is clear that everyone on the island, both authorities and the population is very aware of this fact. The island is very well maintained, everything you see is clean and kept clean and this actually applies everywhere on the island. This is a fact that is not realized and is greatly contributing to Tenerife being such a nice a place to be. It is simply under control.

Also, Tenerife is a relatively cheap island to live. Prices for food and beverages in supermarkets, restaurants, taxis and many other items are significantly below what you pay both on the mainland in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

You can read more about Tenerife and about all the many possibilities the island offers here:


Flights to Tenerife

Getting to Tenerife is easy and cheap. Flight time is approx. 4-4½ hours, depending where you fly out from. You may think it´s almost twice the time taken to fly to southern Europe but it´s only the time in the air which is longer! You start from home 2-3 hours prior to flight departure and spend about 2 hours after landing before you reach your final destination. So total travel time to southern Europe is appox. 7 hours (3 hours in the air) and to Tenerife Approx. 8-8½ hours (4-4½ hours in the air). That´s not such a big difference.

There are several airlines that fly directly to Tenerife, both schedules and charter flights. Prices vary, but often you can come here for
approx. £ 40, each way. 

So, spring and summer - all year - is not very far away. 







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