Once again, we would like to thank you for your great help regarding our purchase of an apartment in Adeje, Tenerife. We would never have done this without your help, and specially your very professional way of handling things. There are so many risks and unknown issues when buying abroad, and you managed to navigate us safely to the goal, without any mistakes.

Thank you for never put pressure on us to buy. You were very good to ask the critical questions to not only us but also to the estate agents – and there were a lot of questions that we did not think of. Questions regarding things that you know will have a great influence, but things that we did not think of being so excited about buying.

Also very nice that you both were present when we viewed different properties. There can be a big difference of what a man and a woman finds important. We are extremely grateful for everything you did, and you are certainly worth your fee. We look so much forward to come back at enjoy the nice climate and most of all our new amazing apartment. 

Lene og Erik Christensen

Slagelse, Denmark

 We have been twice before in Tenerife and decided to buy an apartment in our favorite area Los Gigantes. Living in Italy, quite far away and not willing to fly several times forth and back, we have contacted Erik and Laila Krog a few months ago. This nice Danish couple living in Tenerife since 15 years are not a Real Estate Agents but they were only helping us to find our perfect property.

Their first move was sending us a questionnaire to identify our best suit and needs. Afterword Erik sent us a lot of links and we sorted them out. A couple of weeks before our arrival they personally visited our selected properties and gave us more precious information like traffic noise, winter sun etc. Then one week before visiting the apartment he sent us a perfect organized schedule with all appointments with different estate agencies so we were able to visit in only two days 20! properties.

The third day was dedicate for visiting our favorites one again, they helped to decide for the right target for us with precious suggestions and professionality, they were not pushy and helped to negotiate with the seller. So we identified a property in only 3! days.

Even after having chosen the right one for us they are still assisting us and ensure the transaction is carried out in the proper manner. We really recommend their assistance." 

Andrea and Pierangelo Ponzoni

Lago Maggiore, Italy

 We have been coming to Tenerife for several years and had often talked about how we would like to buy an apartment on this beautiful island. But we thought it was a little difficult to get started. We got in touch with Tenerife Property Advice and immediately felt that Laila and Erik (the two owners) are very passionateand committed to helping us as buyers. The deal they offer their clients is such that you only have to pay a very small deposit, and then only a real fee if you actually buy a property. We thought this was fair and it gave us the confidence we wanted.

They found a great apartment to us that meets everything we dreamt of. We were 2 years down the road, but it was mostly because we couldn't decide. Throughout this time, TPA had several good opportunities for us, but at no time did they try to push us to make a decision. They really wanted us as buyers to be absolutely sure of our decision.

And financially, it is the right thing, too. Of course, they were paid a fee, but because of the way they negotiated, the price of the property was reduced so much that we were in profit.  And besides, you get the assurance that you will find the right property. So if you think it's an extra cost, you're wrong. Buying their help is a very good business. We can only recommend doing so. 

Mette og Brian Kristensen

Aalborg, Denmark

 We bought our apartment through the help of Tenerife Property Advice. Laila and Erik provided super advice from the start and were very helpful. It made it much easier, clearer and more secure to buy an apartment here in Tenerife. We have been looking for apartments in Tenerife for several years - and have also been working with real estate agents ourselves - but we first found the right one when we chose to use TPA. Their network and knowledge have been very valuable to us. In fact, it can best be compared to location - location - location - and with a really good ending. 

Helle og Morten Wieland

Køge - Denmark

 Thank you very much, Tenerife Property Advice – Laila and Erik. Without your help, we would never have found this beautiful apartment, that we are so pleased with. We even would not have thought that it was possible.

We do hope that all other people that are looking for property here in Tenerife – will see what a huge different you make. You simply have found our dream property.

That you also got a price reduction that was significantly above your fees makes it all the more amazing. A huge thank you. 

Susanne Mortensen og Kim Givskov

Herning, Denmark

 We have been going to Tenerife for many years, several times a year. We have always rented an apartment. Actually, we did not plan to buy a property in Tenerife, but a little by chance we met Erik - who together with his wife Laila runs Tenerife Property Advice. We visited them in their apartment in Tenerife - and what an eye opener. Fantastic location and view.

Back in Denmark, we decided we would try if we could find something similar. We were in no doubt that we wanted professional help, and from the start we had confidence that Laila and Erik were the right ones to help us. Tenerife Property Advice provides buyer advice - not any kind of sales activity - and totally independent of real estate agents and others. Buyer's advisor only.

We quickly made an agreement - and then structures were found on search activities - mails flew back and forth. The gross list of 30-40 items was quickly and efficiently reduced to approx. 10 items. Laila and Erik had inspected the vast majority, and those were described in pictures, etc.We again went to Tenerife. In the first few days we saw 8-10 apartments, and especially one, we fell in love with. Erik had found it - even though it was not even on the market!!!The owner would like to sell, but had a quite high asking price. We received good advice on what we could and should do, and after some mails, back and forth, the seller accepted our bid. This meant that we had bought the apartment a good deal below the offered price - and the savings we achieved were considerably higher than the fee we paid for Tenerife Property Advice´s help - so we see it as a 100% win-win situation.

Tenerife Property Advice subsequently helped us get all the papers, etc. in order, which was very reassuring, as well as they helped us to find craftsmen and materials for the renovation we wanted to do.

We can definitively recommend Tenerife Property Advice - they are serious and professional. 

Bente Deichmann og Flemming Vinzent

Skodsborg, Denmark

 When we recently bought our new apartment in Tenerife – we got very good help from Tenerife Property Advice – Laila and Erik Krog-Meyer.

They are 100% buyer´s help, and we felt very secure in the whole process. They are professional and honest. They are absolutely worth every penny, and we recommend anybody to use them when thinking of buying here in wonderful Tenerife. 

Anne and Jean-Pierre Schrepfer


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